Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TEA Party Bagged Big Time In Roanoke – Pun Intended – Video

TEA is the abbreviation for “Taxed Enough Already” and the crowd of several hundred took it seriously. no place to park, gauntlet for cars driving down Wiley Drive, horns honking, people cheering, sirens blaring, and someone yelling through a bullhorn “down with the Federal Reserve” – signs, signs, every signs! 

Bonnie Mann of Roanoke said, “I did not vote for this.”

While Russell and Judy McDaniel of Salem were reserved explaining that there is a groundswell occuring all over the country. “We cannot stand what they are doing in Washington – they will spend us dry,” said McDaniel.

His wife Judy was holding a small cloth doll that she said represented their 9 grandchildren who will have to pay the country’s huge debt down the road.

The Roanoke City Republican Chair was handing out Bob McDonnell for Governor bumper stickers as seen here. Bill McClure who was having an online “facebook” battle with journalist Gene Marrano on this topic just before coming to the TEA party held his homemade sign.

Troy Bird, Republican challenger for the House of Delegates in the 11th District was onhand with his Communications Director, David O’Neal. Somewhere was Melvin Williams, Republican candidate for the 17th District as on twitter he said he was on his way.

There was someone passing out an email with the subject “Stop Financial Terrorism.” It was about “Naked Short-Selling” saying that the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission that oversees trading legalities) has “failed to deliver” in its duties. Naked short-selling is where you sell stock you don’t own (but shares that are suppose to exist). You bet that the price of the stock is going to drop when you buy them back later. However, the shares should exist somewhere so they can be borrowed from someone who actually owns them …. hence when the short-sale takes place and there are NO shares existing to back it up  the result is “a fail to deliver.”

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April 17th, 2009 at 12:15 AM    

I remain puzzled by the anger and frustration of these poor, taxed people.

The whole teabag movement strikes me as an orchestration by groups that are peddling polarizing hatred. The anger seems contrived. The frustration, however, may be real, albeit unfocused and misguided.

I don’t understand how untaxing people will solve the budget deficit. I don’t understand what Obama did to fuel their anger other than winning the Presidential election last fall. I don’t understand why these people aren’t screaming about the governmental intrusion into the lives of citizens through warrantless wiretapping, about potential war crimes committed by the former administration through its torture program and preemption doctrine, about the wars that are costing American lives and billions of dollars a month, about the generous tax rate for the top 1% of Americans and American corporations that ship jobs overseas. I don’t understand why these people are mum about teachers getting laid-off, transportation funding being slashed, and extended unemployment benefits being denied to people in dire need.

I think these tea-baggers need to move on to more important issues. Did you know that that Obama wants to take away your right to own a gun and bullets? Did you know that that Obama wasn’t born in America. He might be from Kenya or one of those countries out their near Vietnam.

Honestly people, wake up. Our country needs you right now. It needs you to stand up and work to unify the US, not tear it apart.


April 17th, 2009 at 12:53 AM    

The RT editorial board put it delicately calling them “uninformed.” I had to cut the video short. The obnoxious vocal racist rants don’t need a media forum. That is what they are looking for. To be fair it wasn’t everyone but it was enough to make me feel very uncomfortable being there. Some came by bus and travel to incite the crowd with their outragous accusations – they are there to work up the crowd.


April 21st, 2009 at 7:12 AM    

This is an american demonstration,democrats, republications,independants and the likes.they have every right to protect their children from the congress spending,immigration reform,tax reform,security of our country the greed in our financial system ,jobs. please someone give us our country BACK.

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