Monday, October 28, 2013

Teachers rally for 17th HOD district Freeda Cathcart

Teachers for Freeda Cathcart, 17th District House of Delegates candidate

Teachers for Freeda Cathcart, 17th District House of Delegates candidate

According to teacher, Thomas Ryder, about 25-30 “eager voters,” parents, teachers and concerned citizens gathered in the community room at the outdated Vinton Library to hear Democratic candidate Freeda Cathcart rail against SOL testing in public schools.  On the heels of incumbent 17th district Delegate Chris Head’s Halloween slam mailer, Cathcart supporters were incensed and resolved to fight the incumbent dragon-tooth and nail.

Cathcart in a press release said attendees voiced their frustration with the SOLs and dismissed Richmond’s working group attempt at reforming the SOLs. They agreed that positive reforms need to start at the local level.

“Our schools and children deserve the opportunities that the children in Northern Virginia have. Richmond needs to stop threatening to take over our schools and fire teachers based on the results of one test.”

At the gathering Ryder explained the history of the SOL’s in Virginia.  They have gone from a logical organizational structure in the late 1980’s to a stress-filled punitive measure that destroys children and disheartens teachers he said.  Cathcart vowed to raise public school education to the forefront in Richmond when she is elected to the House of delegates.

Cathcart proposed a plan of action to reform the SOLs in the upcoming General Assembly supported by attendants. A committee was formed to follow up on the rally and to come up with a legislative agenda for the upcoming session she said.

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