Monday, May 18, 2009

“Ten On Your Side” Airport Shows No Mercy for Trees

Clear cut at Countryside Golf Course w/pond!

Clear cut at Countryside Golf Course w/pond!

WSLS Channel 10’s Angela Hatcher was out at Countryside Golf Course  and took note of the clear-cutting taking place at Roanoke Regional Airport’s approach at runway 6. It looks like the “earthquake”  or a tornado had come through and splintered the habitat for our resident red fox, turkey, deer, and those darling groundhogs. All the bird nests demolished with their young still hatching this time of year. It makes me wonder if there is not a law that would prevent clear-cutting this time of year. I had asked the Director of Roanoke Regional Airport when they would replace the barren land with low growing trees and grass as promised. Jackie Shuck said “we’re not” and that “the city can do it since they lease it.” So I asked assistant Manager, Brian Townsend, and he said no we’re not going to do anything. So there sits “the big ugly.” With the rain we will also be the recipients of a mosquito invested pond as pictured here. Maybe this is our replacement for the swimming pool the city filled in. Anyone for a nice swim or one of those “mud bog” events? Is it not just like everything else in the city. Point the finger at the airport commission and they point back to the city and the neighborhood is caught in the middle.  So “Happy May Neighborhood Month” to Countryside Neighborhood Alliance  says Roanoke City. Let us see if we have a visit from a Council member or the Mayor at Saturday’s May Neighborhood Month picnic at the Countryside Golf Course Pavilion.

The City is right in the middle of a Request For Proposal (RFP) to have someone manage the Countryside Golf Course for 10 years. The bidding closes June 1. Now isn’t this a lovely sight for a potential golf manager to see. Golf is all about good greens and pleasing aesthetics. If I were a skeptical person I’d say this is an effort to discourage anyone from bidding to manage the property. Then they could say “see we tried!” Pardon my pessimism and lack of trust but our neighborhood has been down this road before. CLICK HERE FOR THE WSLS VIDEO.

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