Monday, June 8, 2009

Terry McAuliffe Fires Up Supporters at Roanoke Campaign Headquarters – Video

McAuliffe, Vice-Mayor Lea, Supporter

McAuliffe, Vice-Mayor Lea, Supporter

McAuliffe sat with Roanoke Vice-Mayor Sherman Lea, campaign staff, and volunteers manning the phones making call after call to get that one last vote. A high percentage of voters are undecided in the June 9th Democratic primary so that one more phone call from every volunteer could make the difference in who will oppose Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell in November.

Roanoke Vice-Mayor Sherman Lea introduced McAuliffe and sat down to make calls to drum up last minute votes. State Democratic Senator John Edwards was also there to greet McAuliffe. McAuliffe touted his coalition of supporters and many endorsements. Everyone “cares about jobs,” said McAuliffe. Talking with an “undecided” voter he said, “I hunt and am a strong supporter of 2nd amendment rights and responsible gun ownership.”

When I asked Terry what one or two things can he say at this late date that will swing an undecided to his camp?

ONE: “I’ll be the job creator and have the best shot at getting the economy moving.”

TWO: “I have the best shot at beating Bob McDonnell. Bob has already beaten Craigh Deeds once – beat him on the issues – beat him on the gas tax – Craigh says he wants to raise the gas tax – Bob won’t have that contrast with me. I don’t believe in raising taxes especially in a down economy. I would create new economic activity and I can beat Bob McDonnell that’s my best argument for folks [undecided].”

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