Friday, November 9, 2012

The “boss” gives Terry McAuliffe “permission” to run for governor

Terry McAuliffe gets the “green light” call from Sen. Warner.

The highly respected U.S. Senator Mark Warner has evidently given Terry McAuliffe “permission” to run for governor. No where have I seen a pronouncement by Warner that he has made a firm decision to stay in the U. S. Senate and not seek to run for governor of the Commonwealth. (See U.S. Sen. Mark Warner had “given him the green light” to proceed.)

McAuliffe seems to be taking this well – much better than I would. This whole thing smacks of “bullying” by Senator Warner. I am glad to see McAuliffe going ahead though Warner has not absolutely said “no I will not seek to run for governor of Virginia again.” Until he says that there will be a fog hanging over McAuliffe’s campaign for the Democratic nomination. He has said he would step aside should Warner decide to run.

My view of Senator Warner is becoming a bit tarnished – getting a bit too big for his britches. Warner’s constant complaining about Washington’s dysfunction (though true) is getting old. His impatient ranting is beginning to grate on me. Just get to work and do your job Sen. Warner.

Senator-elect Tim Kaine on the other hand is more patient and nuanced and smart. Kaine I hope will continue to avoid the “whining” and “gnashing of teeth” that Warner exhibits. You have to wonder if this doesn’t put off the very Republican’s that Warner is trying to coax to compromise.

Let McAuliffe run for governor, Sen. Warner, so he can get his campaign up and running. I’ve tired of your complaining, waffling and bullying.

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