Friday, September 3, 2010

The grim reaper turns on Mayor Bowers

The Grim Reaper

In Friday’s Roanoke Times Mason Adams reports on the flier that went out to neighborhood and civic groups.  I posted it here on Tuesday. It was received Monday.

It was Mayor and Attorney David Bowers offering to give a “talk” on wills, power of attorney, etc. in preparation for the “gulp” inevitable. No not taxes but the other inevitable. Yea, that guy in the picture at left.

When a Wednesday post on the new political blog got little attention about the flier that also linked to Dan Casey’s blog about the flier there was only one thing left to do. Make it a “news” article – yes, that will get some attention.

After all who doesn’t like to “make water” on the Mayor more then The Roanoke Times. The only comment on the political blog said, “This is a ‘non issue’.” This was a hint not taken.

Since my name was mentioned as well as Countryside Neighborhood Alliance you would think a comment from me would have completed the article. How do you feel about the flier Valerie? Heck, you’ll never know – at least from The Roanoke Times.

Were any of the other recipients of the flier asked how they felt about it? Nope, you’ll never know that either.

Just know this – the neighbors I showed it to got a chuckle out of it especially in our current “mental state.” We REALLY could use a talk from Carilion’s geriatric psychiatrist, Vice-Mayor David Trinkle.

I’m hoping an image of the flier was not reproduced from my website as a “right click” clearly says “Copyright Protected.”

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