Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Roanoke Times feeds the frenzy – spares the facts

Well I’ve had about as much of this “holier than thou” and “stir the pot” Times tingling columnist and editorial board prophesizing, soap boxing, pot-stirring, rancor on Roanoke City Council’s pay raise.

The Times is boardering on morphing into The Daily Show with Dan Casey and Hardball with all the editorial board members screaming at its readers. A 28.5% raise – how could they – council is committing suicide! Let’s work the readers up and get them all clamoring “off with their heads.”

But for goodness sakes don’t give them any facts. That would spoil everything. Tommy Jordan who campaigned for this council is just plain self-aggrandizing in his commentary of May 10.

Don’t tell them council will actually lose 1% of their salary as a health retirement contribution from their paycheck from July 1, 2013 to July 1, 2014. They won’t get it back and they can’t get the 1% raise starting this year because of the 4 month rule. The rule effectively says they have a 4 month window every 2 years to enact a raise for themselves.

When July 1, 2014 rolls around another 5% contribution to their pension starts coming out of their paycheck for a total of 6%. This is the same for all city employees except they get a 1% adjustment this year while council does not. City employees are getting a 2% raise on July 1, 2013 and some positions are getting step increases.

If the ordinance holds the Mayor gets 15% in 2014 which is actually 9% and council gets 28% which actually is 22%. Council has received a 5% raise in the last 10 years and two years of that was rolled back in 2009 at then Councilwoman Gwen Mason’s suggestion. That was a political move at the time as she was running for the 17th District House of Delegates.

It is complicated and heavens let’s not confuse readers with facts. I’d like to see them all walk off the dais and let Dan Casey and the editorial board take over. I’m sure they have the time and their employer won’t mind. Heck they want to “serve” the readers of Roanoke so damn bad they should quit their jobs and jump on the dais. They can rule … IT’S A LOT EASIER TO SIT IN THE CHEAP SEATS and call foul.

If you think they don’t deserve raises then say so and why – but riling up readers and feeding the frenzy to further readership is irresponsible.

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