Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Romney video that dismisses 47% of the electorate

This is the video if you have not seen you don’t have a television. I must be a moocher since I’m on social security and I collected unemployment at one time and my kids were on free lunch. I recovered but Romney says I shouldn’t vote for him because I took government assistance. What do you think about this. Have you ever need a safety net at some point in your life?

In just 67 seconds, this video explains why Republican state legislators keep trying to eviscerate the safety net middle class Americans rely on in tough times, all to pay for bigger and bigger giveaways to the rich.

If people are Democrats, Romney says, it’s because they “believe that they are victims,” they “pay no income tax,” and they feel “entitled” to extravagant luxuries like “food” and “health care,” which is why you’re so “dependent upon government.”

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Bubba Greene

September 19th, 2012 at 10:11 PM    

Like he also says, maybe not so well stated but it pretty close to accurate and it’s pretty much why BO will probably win in 2012. If you got half the people paying NO taxes, getting tons of free stuff from rides to the clinic, daycare, heating and electric assistance, free cell service, food stamps on and on…combined with NO education and NO marketable skills thus NO job prospects and NO future outside of “the system”…why not keep the gravy train rollin’? Seriously Val, what reason would they have to vote for someone who wants to create jobs to put them to work? The “swing voters” here are those misguided libs, like you, who are smart and who have abilities but still seem to find it in your heart to be a do-gooder and take care of everyone. Barry and company have done a good job letting this group know he is there for them. They will support him IF THEY VOTE. Another swing factor. These folks tend to not vote.

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