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The seven Huff Lane property offers included National College

Huff Lane School could have been a school again.

UPDATE 4/25 2:00 p.m. from Frank Longaker, President, National College:

“We felt that our proposal for a medical careers campus was not only more forward-thinking than yet another commercial development, but also much more in keeping with the nature of the surrounding neighborhoods and original school on the site.

There’s more the city can benefit from than simple sales tax revenue when one considers the jobs that future graduates of our proposed campus would bring in. Our current campus in Salem has an annual economic impact of approximately $25 million annually; our proposed new location would, within a few years, have a comparable impact.”


If all falls into place seven hotels will surround Valley View Mall.

The Roanoke City School Board voted to close Huff Lane Intermediate school In June 2010. The 5.3-acre tract with building “as-is” was put in the city’s hands in March 2011 and marketed from April to October 2011.

Out of seven offers the highest bid over the $1.5 million minimum was submitted by Hitesh Patel CEO of HMP Properties of Williamsburg at $1.85 million according to the documents viewed at the Department of Economic Development.

The documents show two hotels and a restaurant to be constructed in phases. Immediately after closing construction will begin on a 100 room similar to a Hampton Inn and Suites. The second hotel is a expected to be Home2 Suites Extended Stay by Hilton that will be constructed 2-3 years later. The restaurant will be marketed immediately.

Another offer considered was for a 112-room Hilton Garden Inn and two 8000 square foot restaurants at $1.6 million. The parking area was extensive and included a signal light at the entrance.

Another rendering was all retail with one large single-story 27,000 square foot box store another retail store and restaurant. It too included a stop light entrance. The offer was $1.5 million. There was interest in obtaining the park area as well.

Other offers for the property came in at about the same except some wanted more of the property and others wanted to relocate the ball fields to the school site and use the rectangular park area.

Two came in under the minimum bid including National College. Their proposal would have renovated and expanded the existing school building to serve as a “central campus for medical career programs.” Initially they would have invested up to $4 million.

National College wrote that after full development they expected “The National Medical Career Institute” to accommodate up to 700 students in day, evening and weekend classes. It would also house the central financial offices for its 29 campus locations. National College President Frank Longaker did not return phone calls for comment. (See Update from Mr. Longaker.)

National College was the only offer that was academic related but their offer was almost $500,000 below the minimum bid. According to Rob Ledger Economic Development director the minimum bid was set by the city’s contracted broker and city staff. Ledger felt that the $1.5 minimum did not prohibit adaptive reuse of the school building, as it would have eliminated the need for demolition.

Amy Cosner President of the adjacent Dorchester Court neighborhood was enthusiastic about academic reuse thinking it would not be much different then when Huff Lane School was functioning.

Rick Williams, Planning Commission member when contacted said “that in intensity of land use and consistency with the comprehensive plan it would be a better fit for the adjoining neighborhood.”

Ledger said that use by a hotel was better for residents who will “go to bed at the same time and get up the same time” as the hotel guests.

Roanoke City Council voted unanimously for the hotels and according to Ledger they saw all seven proposals in closed session. HMP has yet to complete their due diligence before requesting rezoning that will fulfill the contingencies of the contract.

In March of 2011 prior to accepting offers councilman Court Rosen presented a rendering showing two hotels that in the final award somewhat matched that of the HMP offer. Buy in by the neighborhood was sought for a hotel concept at the time. Rosen said that he, “met with a ton of people in commercial real estate … school facilities people, the building facilities people and talked to neighborhoods.”

Poe and Cronk submitted HMP’s offer the following September and the neighborhood was shown the proposal on January 10. Ledger told the neighbors that “leveraging the value of commercial property and the sustainability of increased tax revenue in order to keep the schools well funded” was the deciding factor. The proceeds will go to increasing capacity at Round Hill.

In their offer HMP Properties estimated annual occupancy and real estate tax revenue to the city of over $700,000.

A Hampton Inn and Suites is going before the Planning Commission for rezoning on May 17. It will take the place of the closed Bonefish Grill and Texas Steakhouse. These three new hotels will join Best Western, Hyatt Place, Comfort Inn and Mainstay Suites surrounding Valley View Mall.

NOTE: Updated and clarified by Mr. Ledger that the two HMP hotel franchises could change. He is sure they know that there is a Hampton being planned by the  purchaser of the property where the closed restaurants stand that calls for a Hampton Inn and Suites to be constructed. 

Footprints of Hotels and Restaurant Concept by HMP Properties

Councilman Court Rosen - Huff Lane Concept presented March 2011

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April 25th, 2012 at 1:06 PM    

I live on Grandview and do NOT want a private for profit college in my neighborhood. I work near the one on Melrose and there are people smoking everywhere just off their property. I do NOT want all these students on weekends coming in and out of the neighborhood in cars with children possibly getting hurt. At kleast when it was an elementry school the students did not drive to and from school. Thank heavens the city did not choose this!

I would much rather us have something commercial that blocks off the neighborhood from more traffic than driving students. At least the plans now will close the neighborhood side of the property to traffic

Thnx for your coverage Valerie!


April 25th, 2012 at 2:13 PM    

I guess it would depend on the entrance and exit to the college. They never got that far. Guessing that they would have been willing to come in from Valley View.

We’ll never know.

We’ll take it here at Countryside in a heartbeat.


April 26th, 2012 at 12:55 PM    

This is WAYYYY different than an elementary school folks. You will have large numbers of adults smoking cigarettes in the park, being loud on weekends. Don’t be fooled by these for profit colleges…. this would be completely different than Huff Lane Elementary.

There is nothing forward thinking about this plan. It is a for profit business whose commercial customers will be roaming around all day and evenings six days a week. A hotel has people there at night to sleep. Much better for this neighborhood.

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