Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The spin machine was in high gear after gubernatorial debate



Bob McDonnell’s campaign was the first out of the gate to spin Monday night’s debate dubbed “The People’s Debate.” The League of Women Voters and the AARP sponsored the Richmond debate.

McDonnell’s campaign accused Creigh Deeds of angrily attacking McDonnell saying that he “failed to lay out any transportation plan.” He claims Deeds needs an “assembled panel to tell him to raise taxes” for transportation.

More than an hour later the Deeds campaign released an email. It came at 11:10 PM but was much more specific claiming that “McDonnell runs from his record.” He complained that McDonnell “embraced the Bush – Gilmore legacy which cost the Commonwealth, and the nation, thousands of jobs.”

Deeds disputed McDonnell’s allegation that “newspapers say [he’s] the only one with a plan.” Deeds claims the truth is that McDonnell’s transportation plan has been called “dead on arrival,” “dishonest” and even “a laundry list of phony-baloney proposals” by Virginia newspapers.

McDonnell favors bipartisan redistricting now that his party is in power said Deeds. He had not supported it prior to campaigning for governor. At a press conference McDonnell outlining his “good-government package” where he announced his support for bipartisan redistricting.

McDonnell alleged that Governors Mark Warner and Tim Kaine’s executive order banning job discrimination against gays and lesbians violated the constitution. Deeds said in McDonnell’s seven-page opinion when attorney general that both governors “illegally altered state public policy by treating gays and lesbians as a protected class of employees.”

McDonnell muddled the answer to the “climate control” question instead outlining his plan to make Virginia energy independent. He would do that with coal, nuclear, natural gas and off shore drilling. He would promote incentives for alternatives like wind and solar.

The debate fell flat. The one hour flew. Having little or no rebuttal time failed the voters.


MCDONNELL has constructed extensive multi-page documents addressing what he would do about Virginia’s economy, roads and education. The only thing is that his plans though sounding well thoughtout are really a “rob Peter to pay Paul” shell game that voters are having a hard time uncovering.

If it “sounds” like a plan even if I don’t understand its complexity – it must be good says the average voter.

DEEDS on the other hand has problems that makes voters scratch their head. He does a poor job of articulating politicizing his plans. Deeds seems out of breath running to catch-up while McDonnell portrays himself as calm and confident at all times. Perception is everything to voters with short attention spans.

His dance around a gas tax increase to pay for roads was painful to watch. Deeds realizes that it is political suicide to talk of raising taxes in a campaign.

Deeds knows (so should the voters) that increasing revenue is the only way to pay for solving Virginia’s transportation woes. However, the words didn’t roll smoothly off Deeds’ tongue and instead stuck in his jowls like a wad of tobacco.

The debate at Roanoke College on October 20 I fear will not unveil any hidden tidbits for indecisive Virginia voters. McDonnell has no reason to rock the boat with such a commanding lead in the polls. Deeds is the one that will have to expose McDonnell’s shell game of plans. Time is short and political pundits are already writing Deeds epitaph.

No new taxes – no new roads – no new businesses – no new jobs. Yes we have the best managed state in the country but there is no need to “starve it to death.”

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October 13th, 2009 at 10:58 PM    

Valerie, you reported dead-on. Deeds is struggling to find his voice and share his vision. McDonnell is good at selling snake-oil and smiling.

I shudder to think of what our state will be like with a stripped educational program (You know…that bogus 65% plan)and a trashed environment. I have never been so scared about a potential political race outcome.

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