Saturday, April 26, 2008

There Is A Fox In The Countryside Hen House

The red fox that resides in a den located on Countryside Golf Course has hit the jackpot! As some of us had wondered if the resident on Cove Road that backs up to the 11th green was a-fowl (pun intended) of the city code. You see they have chickens. We discovered it was permissible to have up to 10 chickens in a certain square footage, fenced, and a certain distance from another residence. The red fox also thought this was a dandy idea and helped himself yesterday morning to one of the little clucks. Big Red was seen walking down Mattaponi with one of the chickens in his mouth as the chicken was still resisting his certain fate. Since there are nine more chickens in the hen house we are expecting to see a return visit … about nine of them.
On another note – today sitting on the back porch with Rosanne Saunders at the 11th green to our amazement we saw “galloping” down the 10th fairway SIX (6) deer one behind the other. They must have jumped Cove Road. They sure scared the dickens out of the golfers on the 10th fairway. Newt, you better be careful Sunday as you almost literally came in contact with a wild turkey too. It’s a jungle out there!

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April 28th, 2008 at 1:07 AM    

Hey Valerie, I saw the fox today as I was coming down #12 just before I saw you (crazy guy waving and yelling “Run Valerie, Run!”). It was standing beside the trap below the green. It stood and stared at me then ran for the band of trees and brush just to the left of the green. That stand of trees has a ditch inside the tangle that would be a perfect spot for a fox to live.

Looks like you have a new neighbor, and he lives inside the FAA zone of no return.

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