Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ticket From Mayor Bowers – plead insanity?

This is my story and I’m stickin‘ to it.
At 7:30 AM me, Carolyn and her niece, Nicole arrived early for the 8:00 am A&T State University Alumni 12th Annual MLK Day Celebration breakfast. We arrived early to get a good parking place. As we circled the conference center desperation set in. As we turned onto Shenandoah avenue, Carolyn yells out “there is Mayor Bowers up ahead” and at the same time I spot a parking spot on the left. Mayor Bowers begins to make a u-turn up ahead of me as he had spotted the space too. Well, my instincts took over as I “Uuued” before him and drove directly into a wide parking space. Now there was a smaller space available but with my parallel parking skills I thought it better to grab the BIG space. This did not set well with Mayor Bowers as he pulled up beside me and rolled down his window only to find a carload of women laughing hysterically. Actually, Carolyn said, “Valerie, I can’t believe you did that!” When he saw who we were he just shook his finger and said some incoherent words (probably for the best). He skillfully (kissing up here) maneuvered into the smaller parking space. Before we were able to get out of the car he was standing beside it and seemed aghast that I would have the nerve to grab the BIG parking space cutting in front of him.
I think we laughed about it as we walked in … it was hard to tell with David. I had a feeling I was destined to have my “assertiveness” held against me in the coming decades. David does not forget much. I expected to be the recipient of payback in due time.
However, I did not know how soon this payback would start and I must say when we left the MLK event I was surprised to see the “handwritten ticket” on my windshield. Well this is the first payback – I wonder what is next. Should I plead for mercy before the court (Council)?
Now it probably did not help matters any that I asked him if I “could park in his Mayor parking space” when I covered Council meetings since he did not use it. IF LOOKS COULD KILL! ROTHFLMAO

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