Friday, April 8, 2011

Tim Kaine calls impending government shutdown unacceptable

Tim Kaine For U.S. Senate
The impending government shutdown is unacceptable. Not only will it cost taxpayers more in the long run, but it’s foolish to play dice with our economy just when we’re seeing the first signs of recovery. What’s more, it’s going to hurt Virginia’s many federal workers and military families at home and abroad. 

As Governor, I faced a similar situation in 2006 – but we did what Virginians have always been able to do. We sat down, listened to each other, and worked it out. It didn’t take a government shutdown to solve our budget problems – it took civility, respect, and common sense.

The impending shutdown shows us one of the primary flaws in how Washington works – or rather doesn’t work – today. Speaker Boehner shouldn’t allow our country’s budget to be held hostage by a small group with an ideological agenda trying to score political points. Republicans and Democrats need to work together to make progress on fiscal responsibility. Shutdowns, stunts and politically motivated brinksmanship aren’t going to move us forward.

Our campaign is about making smart progress toward fiscally responsible solutions. The thousands of people who have joined this campaign in just the first few days are a good reminder that, while some people in Congress are confirming many Americans’ pessimism about politics, many people just like you still believe that we can overcome bitter partisanship and move forward.

Our leaders in Washington are facing a tough challenge, but I know – from experience – that it’s not insurmountable and it doesn’t have to divide us. I hope that all of you who have joined this campaign will stay hopeful, as I am, that we can bring the lessons we’ve learned in Virginia to Washington, and change things for the better together.


Tim Kaine

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