Friday, June 29, 2012

Tim Kaine disagrees with decision to exclude Virginia from offshore lease sale plan

Richmond, VA -Tim Kaine released the following statement today disagreeing with Virginia’s exclusion from the Department of the Interior’s final lease sale to develop offshore energy resources:

“I am encouraged by the recent increase in domestic energy production, but I disagree with the Department of the Interior’s decision to exclude Virginia from their five year lease sale plan. When the Commonwealth was left out of the DOI’s draft plan, I joined a bipartisan coalition, including Governor McDonnell and Senators Warner and Webb, which spoke out in support of adding Virginia to the final version. Unfortunately, the DOI chose to disregard this bipartisan show of support. I remain supportive of the Webb-Warner bill regarding offshore energy development and am hopeful that the offshore exploratory activities recently approved by President Obama will prove useful in responsibly developing our energy assets.

“I continue to believe that clean, renewable energy will power our future. In the meantime, I support an all of the above energy policy that promotes responsible domestic energy production from traditional and alternative sources to create jobs, generate revenue, improve national security, and address our energy needs. My opponent, George Allen, has a career-long record of protecting expensive subsidies for incredibly profitable big oil companies. He has made it clear that he sees fossil fuels as the only way forward for American energy policy, rejecting renewable energy from wind and solar technology and the jobs that could be created right here in Virginia. If we are to be a leader in the emerging clean energy economy, Virginia can’t afford six more years of George Allen’s backward-looking approach.”

Governor McDonnell praises Webb and Warner bill to drill

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