Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tim Kaine says Allen campaigning with Ryan “Makes the choice very clear”

Tim Kaine at the Roanoke Valley Chamber of Commerce

Richmond, VA – Please see below for reaction from former Governor Tim Kaine, campaigning in Southwest Virginia today, to George Allen campaigning with Vice Presidential nominee Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI):

“I think it makes the choice in this election very clear because the Ryan plan pushes Medicare costs onto the shoulders of seniors and the other cuts that it makes in education and other key items to preserve these tax breaks for the top earners will devastate our economy. George Allen has praised the Ryan budget and he also voted to partially privatize Social Security when he was in the Senate, which is very much in the Ryan philosophy. It will really sharpen the choices for people come November.

“The more you make focused investments in education and workforce development, the more competitive you make the economy in the long term. That’s why something like the Ryan plan that cuts so much out of spending on the education side is so dangerous. You’ve got to balance the budget the right way, not the wrong way. One strategy, which is the Ryan strategy and George Allen’s, is to balance the budget all through cuts. I think that would devastate the economy. So you have to make cuts, and I’ve made plenty, but you also have to let the Bush tax cuts expire at the top levels so you can have some revenue too.”

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