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Troy Bird Certified As The GOP Nominee for 11th District

Troy Bird GOP 11th District

Troy Bird GOP 11th District


With the close of the Candidate Filing Period at 5:00PM on Friday, April 10, 2009, newcomer Troy Bird’s run for the GOP nominee position on the ballot in the upcoming November General Election was in the bag. Due to the fact that there were no other candidates filed by the deadline, as of 9:17AM Monday morning Bird was certified with the State Board of Elections as the GOP nominee. The significance of that is that Bird can focus both time and resources on the November election without the need for a Primary Election.

Unlike District 17 where the field of candidates vying for Fralin’s seat is almost “Standing Room Only”, there apparently were no other takers in the challenge to run against incumbent Del. Onzlee Ware in November. District 11 has been traditionally a Democratic voting district, but that fact did not deter Bird, 26, who lived most of the last 11 years in that district.

When asked if the campaign team felt that they had a real chance at winning against such a heavily entrenched Democratic opponent, Campaign Manager, Sandi Bird had this to say, “Actually, we think that we have an advantage over the traditional Republican candidate. Obviously Mr. Ware has a loyal following…but I believe that people are tired enough of the way things have been, that they will at least listen to what Mr. Bird has to say before automatically casting their vote along party lines.”

“We’re focusing on solutions to problems. This district is facing issues which are non-partisan issues…the job / unemployment crisis and the education crisis stretch across party lines…across racial lines…across all age and income brackets. And the only way those issues are going to be effectively dealt with is by legislators who are, first, willing go out and talk to the people who are affected by these issues- get their input as to why the current system isn’t working and then get their ideas about which future changes would help solve the issues; secondly we need legislators who will reach across the aisle, cross partisan lines, and work together for the good of Virginians.

Mr. Bird desires to do all that. And he will.”

Click Here for Troy Bird For Delegate Website

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