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U.S. Senator Tim Kaine’s first Twitter town hall

Tim Kaine energizes supporters at Roanoke headquarters during campaign..

Tim Kaine energizes supporters at Roanoke headquarters during campaign..

Virginia’s U.S. Senator Tim Kaine never was at a loss for words. Twitter was a challenge for him in his first Twitter town hall where he had to keep his responses to 140 characters. Sen. Mark Warner chimed in and Kaine joked about “filibustering.”

The twitter feed for #AskTim starts from the bottom. I hope you can make sense of it as I tried to post it here.

1. .@MarkWarner You know how I filibuster! 140 is tough. #AskTim

Mark Warner ‏@MarkWarner53m

2. .@timkaine Good luck in your first Twitter town hall! I’m sure you’ll be better than me at expressing yourself in 140 characters. #AskTim

3. .@WMCutie04 BestState4Biz all 4 years as Gov! Workforce is THE key–education, workforce training, immigration reform .#AskTim
WMCutie04 ‏@WMCutie0449m

4. @SenKaineOffice @timkaine what are we doing to increase Va’s appeal to employers/big business? Stimulating our workforce is a must. #AskTim

5. .@mriblett Go MWDragons. Better Career/tech ed; immigration reform helps with STEM; focused teacher training. #AskTim
6. @SenKaineOffice#AskTim how can we increase support for Math, Science, Engineering education in VA/US? Programs like US FIRST, SWE, etc.?
Office of Sen. Kaine ‏@SenKaineOffice27m

7. .@lizcleal listen & build bridges. We all met this week & found a way to break thru a confirmation logjam.Need to do it more often. #AskTim

Liz Cleal ‏@lizcleal50m

8. #asktim What will end the gridlock in Congress so those trying to get things done, like you, can actually accomplish results?

Office of Sen. Kaine ‏@SenKaineOffice29m

9.@garyreinhardt Yes. FEC can take steps. I support No Secret Money legislation making all campaign contribs public. #AskTim

10. Gary Reinhardt ‏@garyreinhardt1h

@timkaine #asktim What can be done about the Citizens United opinion and is campaign finance reform possible?

11. .@RumbleFM99 Depends on who says what each day–Rumble occasionally. #AskTim

12. Rick Rumble ‏@RumbleFM998h

Who’s your favorite radio pal? #AskTim

13. Office of Sen. Kaine ‏@SenKaineOffice32m

.@grantneely Taught myself in 7th grade by listening to songs and practicing at a playground a few blocks from my house.#AskTim

14. Grant Neely ‏@grantneely18h

#AskTim. Did you learn to play the harmonica from a teacher? Or teach yourself?

15 .@RogueBelle Get a budget deal–that will really help. Working on student loan reform now. Promote greater career and tech ed. #AskTim

16. Cass Morris ‏@RogueBelle16 Jul

#AskTim What are your plans to help economic outlook not only for current students, but for recent graduates, underemployed & loan-burdened?

17 .@olemiss88 Voted against sequester in Feb;passed budget replacing sequester in March;working to convince House it’s time to stop it #AskTim

18. Crockett ‏@olemiss8820h

#AskTim. Senator Kaine, What is your plan to cease federal furloughs and resolve sequestration? Thank you! Mike Crockett, Norfolk

19. .@StevenDabu Voted for background checks in April; fell a few votes short but not giving up. (2/2) #AskTim

20. .@StevenDabu My 1st bill–TroopTalent Act–helps active duty get job skills & credentials. Passed thru cmtes, Floor votes soon(1/2) #AskTim

21. Steven Dabu ‏@StevenDabu16 Jul

Senator Tim Kaine, How would you support our veterans and pass commonsense laws to reduce gun violence?#AskTim

22. .@browncolleen Thx! Need to read House Bill. @SenCoonsOffice is Africa subcomm chair and I’ll talk with him about it. #AskTim

23. lee williams ‏@browncolleen15 Jul

@SenKaineOffice Gr8 1st 6mos! Would you consider introducing a similar bill to the bipartisan H.R.2548-Electrify Africa Act? #AskTim

24 .@EnvironmentVA make energy cleaner today than tmrw. Meeting with Senate Climate Roundtable & promoting innovative energy production #AskTim

25. Environment Virginia ‏@EnvironmentVA15 Jul

@timkaine Senator Kaine, how will you be helping to move the president’s climate plan forward? #AskTim

26. .@MichaelGfrd Expanded passenger service to Lynchburg as Gov; meeting with Amtrak today to discuss Roanoke extenstion; Bristol next #AskTim

27. Michael ‏@MichaelGfrd15 Jul

Could federal funding be secured to expand much needed Amtrak service to Bristol? #AskTim

28. .@RonSupportsYou Jst back from Afghanistan.Drawdown proceeding,we have a stake in transitioning to full Afghan ownership of security #AskTim

29. RonSupportsYou ‏@RonSupportsYou15 Jul

#AskTim Shouldn’t our military get out of Afghanistan sooner than planned? The costs of staying (in lives and money) outweigh the benefits.

30. .@TyRyansaurusRex I opposed the state ban in 06 as Gov. Glad DOMA is dead, look forward to supporting repeal in VA.#AskTim

31. Ryan Cartony ‏@TyRyansaurusRex10 Jul

.@timkaine How do you feel about the ACLU challenging Virginia’s ban on gay marriage? What can you do to help? #asktim

32. .@ndngenuity Bipartisan bill in both Houses. Met Chairwoman Cantwell to get favorable treatment in committee–now working w/ floor.#AskTim

33. ndngenuity ‏@ndngenuity10 Jul

@timkaine @SenKaineOffice #AskTim What is the status of the federal recognition bill for the six Virginia tribes? Thanks. 

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