Wednesday, February 4, 2009

UPDATE: HB1826 Out of Committee dropouts driving privileges

Annexation; extends to 2018 temporary restriction on city authority on granting of city charters. (HB1697). Annexation. Extends from 2010 to 2018 the temporary restriction on city annexation authority, the granting of city charters, and county immunity proceedings.
Regarding the House Bill 1826 Carson said that Del. Fralin is optimistic that it will pass in the full house. With the bill coming out of the Transportation Committee having both Democrat and Republican support Carson believes, “that this is a very good sign.”
Fralin in an email confirmed saying, “yes, but you never know up here.”
House Bill 1826 is an effort to keep kids in school by using revocation of their driver’s license as a deterrent. It reads in part:

Every application for a driver’s license or a learner’s permit submitted by a person less than 18 years old and attending a public school in the Commonwealth shall be accompanied by a document, signed by the applicant’s parent or legal guardian, authorizing the principal, or his designee, of the school attended by the applicant to notify the Department when the applicant has had 10 or more unexcused absences from school on consecutive school days.
Commissioner shall transmit such notice to the juvenile and domestic relations district court within whose jurisdiction the minor resides, which court shall give notice and opportunity for the minor to show cause why his driver’s license or learner’s permit should not be suspended. Upon failure to show cause for the license or permit not to be suspended, the court shall suspend the minor’s driver’s license or learner’s permit until the minor is 18 years old.

Exceptions that Carson hopes will not be used as “loopholes” include:

  • Reasons beyond the control of the student
  • For the purpose of transferring to another school as confirmed in writing by the student’s parent or guardian, or when the student’s parent or guardian expresses in open court his desire to allow the student to retain his license.
  • Upon the request of the parent or guardian of the licensee at which time it will then be at the discretion of the judge.
  • Is employed at least four hours per day and at least 20 hours per week, (ii) has a medical condition that requires him to be able to drive a motor vehicle, or (iii) is the only licensee or permittee in his household.

“It is just awful”, says David Carson on the slashing of Roanoke City’s School budget by $15 million dollars or 10% of Roanoke City Public School budget.

Carson was on his cell phone traveling back from Richmond lobbying for House Bill 1826. Carson met with Delegate William Fralin and Delegate Morgan Griffin on the burden placed on RCPS. With 80% of the current budget being personnel Carson said, “I try to never get despondent but I’m pretty close to it.”

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