Saturday, February 14, 2009

UPDATE: Looks Like a Vote-out of two applicants

UPDATE: A vote-out between Rupert Cutler and Bill White is in the air. The criteria for applying should have been made clear upfront. You MUST have served on Council previously to be considered. I don’t think they can actually state that on an application but ALL current Council members have stated that publicly. So basically no matter your qualifications don’t bother. The names were read by Mayor Bowers Friday morning at the Council’s Budget Work Session and Council Applicant process discussion. BTW NOT one applicant was at this critical budget discussion but me. The following names were read:

Rupert Cutler
Vivian Sanchez-Jones
Earl Reynolds
Jim Ritchie
Will Dibling
Bill White
Delvis “Mac” McCadden
Jack Parrott
Brenda McDaniel
Valerie Garner
Don Hogan
Linda Wyatt
Granger MacFarlane
Bill Carder
Wendy Jones
Melvin Williams
Bill Bestpitch

According to Mayor Bowers 12 were suggested by Council members or nominated by others and he did not know their interest. The others directly expressed their interest. More on that later.

NOTE: ALL applicants will be required to complete an online application which will be modified to include 3 references. It will also require that the applicant complete a “conflict of interest” form and attach a resume. It will be online today according to Ms. Moon, the City Clerk.

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