Thursday, February 19, 2009

UPDATE w/ Link: Smoking Bill Passes House

Link to all exceptions: SB1105
The most ridiculously complicated smoking bill passed the house. Though restaurants are banned they can provided ventilation for separate smoking section. Ventilation – a worker can refuse to work in a smoking section without employer repercussion. Now just how many of you really think an employer will not take that into consideration upon hire. What employee would take the risk of being terminated (for “other” reasons) and refuse to serve in a smoking section. This would reduce their ability for tips which they rely on for survival. The House should just ban it in restaurants AND bars and stop this foolishness. Could it be they are catering to the tobacco companies … naugh … couldn’t be any lobbying by tobacco companies going on. All servers should just REFUSE to work in a restaurant that is so called “ventilated.”

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