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Veil pulled back on independent’s entry into the 11th HOD special election

Kimble Reynolds, Jr.

Kimble Reynolds, Jr.

Sam Rasoul won the Firehouse Primary on Saturday to become the Democratic nominee for the 11th House of Delegates. He will face Republican Octavia Johnson and sudden entry into the House race by attorney Kimble Reynolds, Jr.

Reynolds is running as an independent He lost in a 2003 16th district House race as a Democrat to Robert hurt in 2003, he was Regional Director for Democrat Tom Perriello’s congressional campaign and served on Martinsville city council for 8 years. He  decided not to run for reelection in Martinsville. His term ended December 31, 2012.

His reason for taking up residence in Roanoke City has people scratching their heads. He maintains a law firm in Martinsville, Kimble Reynolds and Associates. Speculation and rumors have run rampant. There must be a connection and plot to diminish Sam Rasoul’s chances as the Democratic nominee by Democrat’s themselves.

An anonymous source cleared up this misconception. Evidently Mr. Reynolds has not received the attention from the Democratic Party that he expected since leaving his office on Martinsville’s city council. Mostly unknown in Roanoke it was said he hopes to put pressure on the party to gain recognition and a promise of an appointment to a commission if he withdraws.

Reynolds is not answering any questions from press nor has he sent out an announcement or scheduled an announcement to answer why he is running for the House seat. State leaders and officials are having no success in contacting Reynolds in an attempt to pressure him to withdraw. He can’t be reached by anyone seeking answers.

Rasoul has received calls of support from U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe, House Democratic Leader David Toscano and the entire House Democratic Caucus. Rasoul hopes to fill Democrat Onzlee Ware’s seat. Ware is backing Rasoul with everything he’s got said Rasoul when contacted after the Unity event held at the Fork in the City Tuesday.

Democrats want to keep this island of Democratic representation in their column and an opportunist like Mr. Reynolds attempt to extort party attention for personal gain should be made public so none falls prey to his deception.

Kimble Reynolds, Jr. withdraws from 11th district House of Delegates race

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Susan Hall

December 12th, 2013 at 7:23 PM    

So who were the people who signed his petition so quickly??

Valerie Garner

December 12th, 2013 at 5:32 PM    

I’m off of the foot today and for awhile so someone else is going to have to be curious enough to do that.

Per inquiry FOIA says they must give them to you or you can look at them with SSNs redacted.

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