Monday, February 27, 2012

Virginia Delegate Greg Habeeb “are you stupid or something?”

Del. "Forest Gump" Habeeb

Life is like a box of chocolates Delegate Habeeb. You bit into some bitter chunks when you signed on to the House of Delegates with your ideological Republican colleagues as in the likes of Delegate Bob Marshall.

To your credit you neither patroned nor co-patroned an abortion restricting bill but you sure as hell voted for them. That is as far as your credit goes. A NO vote with a floor speech saying that these bills are a distraction while maintaining your ideology would have lifted you above the fray. Why didn’t you do that Mr. Habeeb?

The fact that you don’t get that these intrusive women’s healthcare bills would cause a ruckus only shows your complete lack of understanding – are you stupid or something?

I’m sure you laughed along with the rest of your colleagues when Delegate Albo gave his “no sex for you” monologue. These are the colleagues you have chosen and by your op-ed in The Roanoke Times you have failed to scrutinize the real culprits of the national and international brouhaha.

Show some guts and maybe the bills you praise will get some scrutiny like requiring me to get a drug test when I apply for food stamps or keeping me from voting because I forgot my photo ID. I’m sure you didn’t vote for those either did you? You know to kind of make a point.

“I may not be a smart girly-girl” but I know what “respect” is and you and your colleagues, sir have no respect for a woman’s ability to think for herself.

I counted 1750 bills not 1600 and 100s of these bills are commendations or duplicates. If you just look down the list most of them are “dead.”

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