Friday, January 6, 2017

Virginia Democrats reiterate support for Ralph Northam for Governor

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam

Richmond, VA – Today, Democrats from Virginia’s Congressional delegation voiced their support for Ralph Northam’s candidacy for governor.

Yesterday, Governor McAuliffe and Attorney General Herring each affirmed their endorsements for Lieutenant Governor Northam, and the House and Senate Democratic caucuses unanimously endorsed his candidacy. 

Senator Mark Warner said of his endorsement:

“As I said in my June endorsement of the lieutenant governor, Ralph Northam is a consensus builder with a lifetime record of service. There is no one more committed to making higher education affordable and a good-paying job available for all Virginians. While I like Tom Perriello and respect his public service, I believe Ralph Northam will be a strong Governor committed to creating jobs and diversifying our economy. “

Senator Tim Kaine said of his endorsement:

“Tom Perriello is a good friend, a great public servant, and a good Democrat, but I’ve long supported Ralph Northam and he will continue to have my support in his run for Governor of Virginia.

“In a state that is so deeply tied to the military, Ralph’s long and distinguished career in the Army will enable him to connect to Virginia’s military community in a unique and effective way. In a time when some are trying to strip health care from hundreds of thousands of vulnerable Virginia families, Ralph’s experience as a medical doctor, specializing in pediatric neurology, makes him the right choice to protect and strengthen our healthcare system. And as the effects of climate change pose a danger to our state and a threat to our economy, Ralph’s long record of environmental stewardship make him a great match for Virginia.”

Congressmen Scott, Beyer, and McEachin, said of their endorsement:

“Ralph Northam has been committed to public service for his entire life. His experience as an army veteran and a doctor led him to continue his service in elected office. He has used that platform to broaden access to healthcare and ensure our military veterans can use their skills to find quality jobs. In the Virginia Senate and as Lieutenant Governor, he fought for women’s right to make their own healthcare decisions, stood up in support of universal background checks and banning military style assault weapons, and always advocated to expand of voting rights.“

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