Thursday, February 23, 2012

Virginia GOP legislature awakens a sleeping giant – another rally planned

On Saturday, March 3rd, another call is going out for 2000 people to march on the [Virginia] Capitol and stand in front of the Governor’s Mansion demanding that he veto the bills designed to limit a woman’s access to abortion, an affront to their reproductive rights.

It has been labeled as an invasion of a women’s right to privacy and an undue burden on her constitutional right to an abortion. The Republican controlled Virginia House and Senate have pushed their social agenda to the forefront in the 2012 session. Though Governor McDonnell has backpedaled on invasive ultrasounds it is too late to stop the outraged women of Virginia and perhaps the nation. They have awakened a sleeping giant.

On the heels of the successful silent vigil on Monday, February 20th where over 1200 people gathered on Virginia’s Capitol grounds to protest anti-choice bills another “Call To Action” has been issued on facebook at: CALL TO ACTION: Thousands Against the Assault on Women’s Rights | #M3

The F20 (February 20) silent vigil woke the media up to what was going on in Virginia’s legislature. It garnered the attention of late night comedy, national news, cable news and local media. It even made its way to Australia. The response has embolden women and men who see this as an affront to their freedom.

The March 3 rally will be held at Governor Bob McDonnell’s mansion where they will call for vetoes of HB1 (the personhood bill), SB484 (the modified ultrasound and 24 hour waiting time bill if Sen. Vogel does not strike it beforehand), and similar bills HB62 and HB462.

They say “the Republicans are not backing down, they are not listening, and they are continuing to put politics before people. We need to remind them to take us seriously. We need to send this home. They’re slowing down in hopes that the pressure will go away. This is when we need to hit hardest, to make sure that ALL of this anti-choice legislation gets thrown out or vetoed.”

Further they say – This is a NATIONAL call to action. Women’s rights are under attack all over the United States. We are encouraging people in every state to hold their own demonstrations in coordination with March 3rd.

There will be a national conference call on Sunday, February 26 at 9:00pm EST and another one on Thursday, March 1st. If you’re interested, email us at Speak.Loud.With.Silence@gm​

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