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Virginia Republicans reject gay prosecutor for judgeship – videos

Delegate Bob Marshall

Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall made good on his promise to scuttle the nomination of Tracy Thorne-Beglund an honorably discharged Navy Lieutenant and Top Gun who he called a “gay activist.” Marshall feared he would be a gay activist on the bench of the Richmond General District Court. The court decides such activist issues as traffic tickets, simple assaults and other lightweight infractions. 

Del. Marshall is running for U.S. Senate in a Republican primary whose opponent includes George Allen. Marshall also sponsored the “personhood” bill in the regular 2012 General Assembly session. It was dropped when the ultrasound bill that evoked Richmond capital protests and was ridiculed by SNL, the Daily Show and MSNBC’s Rachael Maddow show.

Governor Bob McDonnell stayed out of the frey saying that the nominee should be judged on his merits and not his sexual orientation. However, he said he does not tell the General Assembly wha to do.

Marshall at the April  Roanoke primary debate blamed abortions for social security woes. Abortions accounted for the disparity of workers to retirees he said. He said that “abortions have thrown us off … that’s 28 million workers less paying into the system.”

Del. Marshall hopes to get some mileage out of his stance on social issues as he seeks to differentiate himself from Allen, E. W. Jackson and Jamie Radtke in the U.S. Senate Republican primary to be held on June 12.

Press Release from the Democratic Party of Virginia:

(Richmond, VA) Earlier this morning around 1:00am during the last day of the legislative session for 2012, one of the last official acts of the Virginia General assembly was to vote to deny a judgeship to an openly gay man. Republican legislators in the House and Senate, after pressure from the anti-gay Family Foundation, voted against putting Tracy Thorne-Beglund on the bench in the Richmond City General District Court. Beglund, a well-qualified, Richmond City prosecutor, previously had his nomination passed by the House of Delegates and Senate Courts Committees.

Thorne-Beglund’s nomination was killed on the floor of the House of Delegates by a 33-31 vote because judges need 51 votes. In the Senate, all 20 Republicans voted to “Pass by for the Day” his nomination which effectively ended his nomination as that was the last day of the legislative session.

“Virginia Republican Delegates and Senators continue to discriminate against gay and lesbian Virginians. We know why his nomination was defeated and they continue to put themselves on the wrong side of history said Senator Donald McEachin, Tracy Thorne Beglund’s Senate sponsor. The Virginia Republicans continue to overreach by pushing a divisive and discriminating agenda. It needs to stop now.”

This is not the first time this legislative session Virginia Republicans have treated homosexuals as second-class citizens. They passed a bill several weeks ago that allows private adoption centers, even if they receive state funds, to discriminate against gays and lesbians who want to adopt children.

Democratic Senator Adam Ebbin, who is openly gay said, “I am disgusted by the vote in the House of Delegates and ashamed at the behavior of the Republican Senators.”

In a statement released at 1:00am Tracy Thorne-Beglund said, “I would like to thank my sponsors, Senator Donald McEachin, and Delegates Jennifer McClellan and Manoli Loupassi and my family for their support. “I look forward to continuing to serve the citizens of the city of Richmond and the great commonwealth of Virginia.” 




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