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Virginia’s Infamous Politcal Blogger Endorses Gubernatorial Candidate: Video – Bowerbank Endorsement

Ben Tribbett of NLS

Ben Tribbett of NLS

Candidates who thumb their nose at a blogger’s influance on voters and political campaigns run the risk of alienating a growing populace of politically active voters. These younger SM (Social Media) types that read Not Larry Sabato (a.k.a. Ben Tribbett) and many other political websites are getting more respect (or at least tolerance) of bloggers like Tribbett. As you can see I struck through “younger” since I am old enough to be Tribbett’s mother. I am joined by many “more seasoned” SM users in twitter group chats like last nights #journchat (hash tag). Journchat is a two-hour tweet on topics/advice about journalism, reporting, public relations, and the future of print media… but I digress.

Tribbett endorsed Terry McAuliffe for the Democratic nomination for Governor of Virginia today after much angst. Read his descriptive inner struggle with this decision HERE. Tribbett appears with Terry McAuliffe on a YouTube clip as T-Mac graciously accepts Tribbitt’s endorsement (T-Mac is an acronym assigned to McAuliffe by bloggers).

T-Mac gets it!  Courting bloggers and Social Media users of facebook and twitter is a must for all candidates. But take heed, candidates, SM users know when you are begrudgingly using SM as an afterthought or chore. SM users also know when it is NOT really you but one of your “minions” doing the tweeting for you.

Candidates who participate on twitter (the preferred SM) had better put some meat on their tweets. No one wants to read from a candidate … “ah, well I’m going out to knock on doors today” – boring. Tweets that include links with substantive content is essential. Tweet with a “message”, candidates! A little humor doesn’t hurt either!

PRESS RELEASE from McAuliffe Campaign:

Today, gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe received the endorsement of Virginia blogger Ben Tribbet and former lieutenant governor candidate Jon Bowerbank, as well as Democratic leaders from across the state.

Tribbett runs the blog Not Larry Sabato, the most widely read political blog in the Commonwealth.  McAuliffe has previously been endorsed by the three co-founders of the Draft Jim Webb movement, bloggers Lee Diamond, Josh Chernila, and Lowell Feld.

Former lieutenant governor candidate Jon Bowerbank, citing McAuliffe’s experience and leadership, elaborated on his endorsement in a statement to the campaign “Terry’s got big ideas for Virginia’s future and I believe he’s got the experience to deliver– on job creation and making our Commonwealth a leader on green technologies,” said Bowerbank.  “At a time when so many families across the Commonwealth are struggling, Terry can help bring people from across the Commonwealth together to get our economy back on track.  I look forward to working with him, and I strongly endorse his candidacy for Governor.”

The full list of those endorsing today follows:

Carol Johanningsmeier – 1st Vice Chair, Suffolk Democratic Committee

Dan Sullivan, USMC LtCol (Ret.) – Virginia Beach Democratic Activist and Committee Member

Juston Hugue – President of the Tidewater Community College Young Democrats, Chesapeake Campus

Princess Maribal – Outreach Chair, Loudoun County Young Democrats

Chris Mayer – Central Committee Member and former chair, York County

Frank Schubauer – Activist Democratic Committee Member, Newport News

Larry Henderson – Former Chair, Hampton Veterans & Military Families for Obama

Sandra Engelhardt – Central Committee Member, Newport News, 1st CD

Donyata S. Washington – Virginia Children’s Rights Advocate and Community Activist, Norfolk

Cheryl McNeal – Obama Organizing Fellow, Williamsburg

Tiffany Gibson – President, Old Dominion University Young Democrats

Aaron Lyles – President, Roanoke Valley Young Democrats

Amanda Black McBreen – Co-founder, Blue Star Families for Obama

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May 26th, 2009 at 2:27 PM    

Well it’s my own considered opinion that people are jumping on TMac’s gravy train so close to the primary election because it’s a no lose situation. If TMac loses – which I sincerely hope he does – those who endorsed him have not alienated him. After all, TMac was never a player in Virginia politics up to this point, and likely won’t be again. But his arena is a national one. And for those who want to hitch their little red wagons to that kind of celebrity star, this is one sure fire way to do it. So Ben undoubtedly got his 15 minutes of the limelight here and still has a goodwill investment made regardless of whether TMac wins or loses.

It’s ironic to me that Obama was bashed for his celebrity early on, but what is this governor’s race an example of, if not the power of political and celebrity connections, and being able to afford big media buys? TMac sweeps through these small Virginia towns and cities with his 3 ring circus and we are all supposed to be wide-eyed and impressed. I sincerely hope the Democratic voters in Virginia have more sense than that – and more sense than Ben Tribbett.

Todd Smyth

May 26th, 2009 at 3:18 PM    

Well that’s the kiss of death for McAuliffe. Thank you Ben.


May 26th, 2009 at 3:30 PM    

Too funny – but why so critical of Ben?


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