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Virginia’s IT Contract with Northrop Grumman ROI

This brings to mind my VDOT experience with what at first seemed to be a suspicious hack attempt on my website about a month ago.

In May from inside the VDOT firewall my web page was being hit every 3 to 15 seconds. It went on for days until I found an email address to contact. I ended up explaining it to John Nahm, Project Manager at VDOT. Each hit came from the same IP address that I won’t post here. Nahm indicated it was from inside the VDOT firewall. A short time later the access attempts stopped. As a retired IT security professional who investigated many “log abnormalities” it reminded me of new or upgraded server that had run amok due to an installation error. Below is an example from the logs:

May 5th 2009 11:00:36 AM Page View insidevdot/Lists/VDOT%20in%20the%20News/AllItems.aspx
The Roanoke Free Press
May 5th 2009 11:00:47 AM Page View insidevdot/Lists/VDOT%20in%20the%20News/AllItems.aspx
The Roanoke Free Press


The Richmond Times-Dispatch has brought up the “bang for the buck” Virginia “is or is not” getting for it’s $2.3 billion contract with Northrup Grumman. Now the $350 million Statewide Agencies Radio System is over budget – MORE HERE.

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch: There might be a perfectly logical and reasonable  explanation as to why Lemuel Stewart Jr. was sacked from his position  as head of the Virginia Information Technology Agency — mere hours  after he questioned whether $2.3 billion IT contractor Northrop  Grumman is meeting the terms of its contract — and replaced by  Secretary of Techonology Len Pomata, who reportedly disputed Stewart’s  take on Northrop Grumman. But it still looks fishy. Lawmakers have  launched an investigation. Let’s hope they realize they won’t put the  matter to rest unless they clear the air by disclosing, promptly and  fully, everything they find out. READ MORE HERE at the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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