Saturday, February 28, 2009

Voice Analyzer Bill Passes The House

Uncertified “voice stress analyzers” to be used to measure a suspects “stress level” in hopes of soliciting a confession passed the House without the Governor’s amendment. The Governor’s amendment stated that the “voice stress analyzer” should be certified in the same manner that lie detector equipment is today. Lie detector results and the new voice stress analyzer results are not admissible in court. The democrats in the house were in agreement that this NEW technology needs to be certified. This was the last item on today’s agenda and delegates kept “calling for the question” so they could adjourn for the day. Watching it streaming live – someone held up a hand written note behind Del. Griffith that read “he is lying” and all busted out laughing. This was to illustrate the “voice stress analyzer” results for Del. Griffith.

In a “tweet”:

Delegate David Englin hopes the Governor vetoes the bill that just passed to allow uncertified “voice stress analyzers” for law enforcement interrogations.

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