Tuesday, August 14, 2012

PHOTOS added: VP Biden stops at the Floyd Country Store (Pool Report)

Former Congressman Tom Perriello and Danville Mayor Sherman Saunders introduced Biden. (Photos courtesy of Danville Register & Bee)

Pool No. 2 Reporter Michael Memoli, LA Times

VPOTUS made a second mid-afternoon unscheduled stop in the town of Floyd, his motorcade stopping in the heart of downtown at the Floyd Country Store, which a sign out front declares is “Home of the Friday Jamboree.” A store manager said it’s about 100 years old (sign said circa 1909), but was restored five years ago by owner Woody Crenshaw and his wife. They’ve owned it for “8 or 9 years.”

The front of the store includes a dining area, with an emphasis on sweets. Pooler read with interest the description of a “Floydian Split,” a take on a banana split.

Pool arranged behind the counter when the VPOTUS entered. First greeted a gaggle of patrons near the main entrance, a stone’s-throw from where pool was. Then, being escorted by the owner, walked past the counter closer to the pool, where he stopped to greet a lone woman seated in a booth separated from a larger crowd. He apologized if his entourage prevented her from leaving where she was.

“I hear you have a get together on Friday nights,” Bioden said to the owner as he continued past the pool.

Much of the rest of the conversation between the two was inaudible to your pooler.

The two continued on to the back of the store, “Country Store Clothing,” with aisles dedicated to Hats & T-Shirts, toys, music, and book & supplies. He stopped to greet a mother and her young daughter, who said she was in the 4th grade. He asked her when she went back to school and she said September, which VPOTUS declared was a “good time” (you’ll recall yesterday his joke about starting school this early in August being “Un-American).

As he worked his way to the back of the store and pool repositioned, he was handed a vanilla milkshake, which he could be seen sipping as he chatted with Crenshaw from on the stage where the famous Jamboree performances are held. The local newspaper, the Floyd Press, reported that Virginia Senate candidate Tim Kaine, a fellow Democrat, was to perform there on Friday night.

Pool was escorted back to the vans as VPOTUS remained inside. Roughly a half hour later motorcade was back on the road.

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