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VP Biden stops in Radford before VT event (Pool Report)

Courtesy of Sam Dean, The Roanoke Times

Radford, VA: VPOTUS made a mid-morning stop at the River City Grill, a modern-looking eatery on Third Street just off of East Main Street. What the pool could hear: a maybe 5-year-old young boy singing an unkown song (oft-repeated words sounded like “Everybody loves me”) in the direction of the pool for the roughly 8 minutes we were present.

What the pool could not hear: much of anything the VP was saying in his interactions with the roughly two-dozen patrons.VP entered about 11:08 am, wearing a white shirt and blue tie, blue suit pants, sans jacket. Just before he did, as he walked past the window front, he stopped and gestured in a jovial (Joe-vial?) manner at the folks inside who had mobile devices snapping away at the approach.

Once inside he went table by table, chatting briefly, shaking hands with and occasionally hugging those present. The most pooler could make out was some comments to a table of women, perhaps teachers, in which he talked about early childhood education being the “single most consequential thing we can do.” He later posed for a photo with a larger group.

As he drew closer to the pool, which had been lined up in front of a last row of free-standing tables, we were moved further back. As he chatted with a young family closest to us, at one point kneeling at their table, we were escorted out of the building.

Courtesy of Sam Dean, The Roanoke Times

Pool held in vans on Main Street across the street from Radford Pawn & Coin (“Home of Fast Cash”) for about 25 minutes after we left. Were told he continued chatting with patrons.At about 11:40 we were hastily summoned back to outside of the Grill, jogging up to where VP was chatting with a small crowd on Pickett Street, perpendicular to Third Street. He posed for a few pictures and shook some hands, and then began heading back to his idling SUV. He asks if the crowd wants to go with him to his next event, joking about local sensitivities in a college town next door to a much bigger college town.

VP Joe Biden visits April 16 Memorial at Virginia Tech

“Does anybody want to go to Virginia Tech? I know I’m not supposed to use that phrase around here.”He again stopped to pose with a young boy, smiling and saying, “He looks like a player.” At this point pooler attempted to ask VPOTUS for a reaction to Gov. Romney’s argument that his comments in Danville were the sign of a desperate campaign.

Almost immediately staff announced it was time for us to return to the vans. VP did not acknowledge the attempted question and after the photo was taken, walked back to his ride. Motorcade now rolling to Virginia Tech campus for final campaign event on this three-day swing through North Carolina and southwest Virginia.

Pool report courtesy of Michael Memoli, Tribune Washington Bureau

All photos courtesy of Sam Dean and The Roanoke Times

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A Voter

August 16th, 2012 at 11:03 AM    

What isn’t reported in this story is that Biden wanted to visit Crumb and Get it Cookie Company, a bakery also in Radford.

The owner declined based on the “You didn’t build it” statement by Biden’s running mate.

Plenty of other sites covering that part of the story. Google is your friend.

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