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WDBJ7 anchor Jean Jadhon will moderate debate at Virginia Tech

Chris Hurst

Chris Hurst

WDBJ7 will be in charge at the Virginia Tech debate at a date yet to be determined Oct. 24. A panel will question the candidates made up of WDBJ7’s political analysts Dr. Robert Denton (aka Dr. Bob), Dr. Harry Wilson and Chris Hurst along with a member of the Associate Press.

WDBJ7 anchor Chris Hurst Jean Jadhon will moderate the debate. This will be Jean’s first moderating gig I suspect. Disappointed that Chris will not moderate. I suspect he was a bit nervous about that. He’s is a cute young fellow and had my support and encouragement. He is on twitter @ChrisHurstWDBJ and on Facebook.

After Saturday’s duel at the Homestead moderated by Judy Woodruff and subsequent hard-hitting debates, Jean will have her hands full. Can she handle corrections from Ken Cuccinelli like Woodruff did? It should be even more contentious by this last debate as polling still shows them close (update McAuliffe now has countless poll leads from 7-10 pts.) with an embarrassing number of voters not knowing either candidate (now 4 percent undecided as of Oct. 23). McAuliffe had more ground to make up. Cuccinelli is known more than McAuliffe be that good or bad.

I don’t expect the subjects will change much in the 7:00 p.m. televised Oct. 24th debate. The temperature will rise as it is just a week before the November 5 election. Cuccinelli may be more desperate. Look for him to go on the attack and if not he may have given up.

Will Chris Hurst Jean Jadhon “blush” at social issues. I’ll miss Chris Hurst, the sweet innocent young anchor who wasn’t telepromptered to say “Virgina” on TV without risking it coming out as “Vir-GI-na.” That was a story about the misspelling of Virginia on Radford University diplomas.

In a tweet response on my being disappointed that he didn’t attempt to say “Virgina”:

Chris Hurst @chrishurstwdbj “Haha I obviously could not be trusted. would say vir-GIN-a tho ;)” @ValerieInRke:” Disappointed @chrishurstwdbj didn’t get to say ‘Virgina.'”

All joking aside and nitpicking of Chris Hurst I suspect he’d have surprised us all and risen to the occasion. He was honing his moderating skills.

My advice? Give ’em hell Jean and don’t let them get away without answering the question.

Maybe too you might think about growing a mustache if you can. What can I say “mothering” instincts kick in at a times like this (meant for that young fella Chris Hurst).

GOOD LUCK Chris Jean!

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