Monday, January 30, 2012

What the heck is a Democratic Firehouse Primary and can I vote in it?

It is not surprising that Roanokers don’t know if they can vote in the Democrat’s Firehouse primary on Saturday. What is it – a house gets set on fire and someone has to put it out or what?

Well maybe you didn’t think that but many Roanokers are confused. First and most important to some is that it doesn’t cost the city a dime, nada, zilch. Anybody can vote in it.

Caveat – there is that little slip of paper you have to sort of “pledge allegiance.”

It is to discourage everyone except Democrats from voting in the primary. I suppose that is fair. After all the Democrats are picking their nominee.

The Republicans thrashed about deciding whether to eliminate the “signature” in the Presidential primary – under duress from their own party and with only two presidential candidates making the Virginia ballot they reneged.

This local Democratic Firehouse primary oath says you won’t support any candidate opposed to the successful primary candidate. Do the local Democrats keep this slip of paper with your signature and gaze over your shoulder in the general election? Hell no – it goes in the trashcan where it belongs.

Independents are disaffected the most. Even some Republican leaners have a thing for (or against) one of the primary candidate. There may be no Republican candidate so why shouldn’t a Republican be able to “do the best he can.”

And YES in state or federal primaries you are recorded as a voter and may get “solicitations” in the form of phone calls and mailers. In some cases there is a Democratic and Republican primary that will confuse the data.

But if there is only a Republican primary as in this years presidential contest then you will be tagged as a “likely Republican.” Same with a Democratic primary only – tagged as “a likely Democrat.”

In a Democrat or Republican local party held primary or caucus your participation is not recorded. The Roanoke City Democratic Committee police will not come after you.

In years past sitting council members said they were for nonpartisan local elections and moving local elections to November instead of May. Many Virginia localities have done that already. Roanoke is one of the remaining few. Roanokers seem to have forgotten candidate promises or never believed them in the first place. (Probably the latter)

So all who care who your Roanoke City mayor is … GO VOTE Saturday. The successful mayoral candidate may be the only one on the ballot in the general election.

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Jack Mcguire

January 31st, 2012 at 3:41 PM    

This is a “loyalty oath” make no miustake. Im seriously considering bringing my flip camera and doing some Youtube reporting. Things others wont ask. “Mr lea” have you always advocated black over white in City priorities? Since you belong to several racist organizations, do you consider yourself a racist. If not why not? Please “duh” isnt an answer. And last of all, do you plan to double dip the taxpayers again this term?
“Mr Rosen” do you intend to raise taxes and cut bus service to SE if you are re elected? Or should I say continue too? Raising 17,000 for a 15,000 a yr job seems shakey. Any comments.BTW how was Disneyworld? Oh went but you didnt like it.
“Mayor….Mayor!!!! Do u know were your at? Thought so sir.
Say Nita…are you setting up land deals for ur hubby thruogh through council? hmmm… thought so.

Tune in to

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