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When six is not enough – council members that is

ROANOKE CITY COUNCIL – September 8, 2009

When is a four to two vote not enough? When it requires one of those pesky second readings. At the crucial vote authorizing the Director of Finance, Ann Shawver to issue $13.9 million in debt for public improvement projects Council member Court Rosen and Gwen Mason voted “no.” Without Council member Anita Price present it lacked a required five votes. It will be read again at the next council meeting on September 21.

Joyce Waugh, President of the Roanoke Chamber of Commerce and activing President of Downtown Roanoke Inc. Doug Waters spoke in favor of moving forward with the projects – especially those earmarked for bridge maintenance and renovation of the Market building. Both Waugh and Waters noted the favorable interest rate and the ability to contract projects at good prices in the current economic slowdown.

Council member Gwen Mason noted Governor Kaine’s state cuts announced just today saying “this year was a cakewalk compared with what’s coming down the pike.” This brought Mason to the conclusion where she did not have the “appetite” for any spending except for the necessities.

Shawver was asked to explain the resolution giving her the authority to issue the debt. She described it as part of the “public process.” The appropriation of funds for projects takes place separately per the projects agreed to by council. Projects not yet approved are Countryside Golf Course maintenance and Washington Park Aquatics Center.

Vice-Mayor Sherman Lea said he feels the pain of the State budget directly. Lea is employed by the State  as Regional Corrections Director. Lea said Council has talked about these projects over the year and was ready to move forward with them.

There will be another community meeting on Washington Park pool options on September 24 before selecting one of three options. One of the options was for a full-blown aquatics center to the tune of $3.6 million. Countryside Golf Course maintenance would be about $1.2 million if adopted.

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Robert Craig

September 9th, 2009 at 12:54 PM    

Both Waters and Waugh are “cheerleaders” heading organizations with members that stand to profit financially without having to make a direct investment.

Both of them “forgot” to say that when you borrow money it has to be paid back.

Roanoke currently pays 24 million dollars a year in debt service (principle plus interest). With the approval of the $13.5 million bond issue Roanoke has hit the City’s debt limit and has NO further capacity to issue debt until 2013.

Most city council members don’t understand what they have done, but the next City Manager will have no option but to try to hold things together on a day to day basis in face of decreasing revenues and increasing demands.

It is time for a BIG change at City Hall. Darlene is just the start and they couldn’t do that right.

Bob Craig


September 9th, 2009 at 6:40 PM    

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