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Who is right about how local government bodies function?

Mark Lucas says a city's mayor should be an entrepreneur ---------- David Bowers is the "friendly mayor" which one?

There seems to be some reaching by candidates opposing incumbent Mayor David Bowers. Both his primary opponent Sam Rasoul and his Republican opponent Mark Lucas site a lack of leadership and vision. They both ran or are running on job creation.

Lucas says a Mayor is not just a ceremonial office. “I will be an added tool in the City’s arsenal to drive economic development,” he said.

Bowers on the other hand says neither Rasoul or Lucas understand how local government works. “We have a city manager form of government,” says Bowers.

In other words once council hires a city manager it is hands off. The city manager is responsible for the directors and departments – hiring and firing. However, Chris Morrill as did his predecessor before him asks council (and Mayor) for direction and “the occasional OK to proceed.”

So which is it? Can the Mayor step it up a notch and be more proactive as Lucas claims?

The exchange from the previous post that could develop into the yin and the yang of the campaigns. The test will be at the Raleigh Court Civic League forum for the candidates on March 8.

From previous post:

In a call to Mayor Bowers for reaction to his new opposition Bowers said, “ the mayors chair belongs to the people – it’s theirs and they get to decide who’s going to serve them. I accept that premise so it certainly is understandable to that the public would look them over … the voters will have to make a prudent and wise decision.”

Bowers is response to Lucas’ job creation message purported that the city has a team already in place for economic development that included the city manager, economic development department and Joyce Waugh at the Chamber of Commerce. “It’s a very active professional group that are working very hard to create jobs in Roanoke,” said Bowers.

Bowers said he thought that even the governor would say that the state itself has limitations when competing with North Carolina and South Carolina. “North Carolina seems to have the funding sources to catch the big catch,” said Bowers.

Bowers also thought that similar to his primary opponent Sam Rasoul Lucas didn’t understand local government. “We have a city manager form of government.”

Lucas in response said, “I fully understand the City Manager form of government and Chris [Morrill] is a huge asset to our community. As Mayor, I will be an added tool in the City’s arsenal to drive economic development. I would hope that my opponent would think that it is a good use of the mayor’s time to drive employment in the City as well.”

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Jack Mcguire

February 16th, 2012 at 6:40 PM    

Bowers a Morrel are on the outs. Inside mayors office scources.


February 17th, 2012 at 12:00 PM    

Jack, what do you mean Morrel is on the way out? WHat does he have to do with the mayors’ race?

BTW, if you are going to go negative as always at least spell his name right. It is Morrill.

Jack Mcguire

February 17th, 2012 at 5:09 PM    

Apparantly you don’t know what on the “outs” means.Doesnt suprise me.Shouldn’t comment when you dont know the meaning of the post your commenting on.

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