Saturday, January 31, 2009

Will media cover the Tattoo Fashion Show at Taubman?

I applaud the Taubman Museum of Art for hosting the Valentine’s Day Tattoo Fashion Show. Pushing the envelope in all aspects of art even that which is worn on the body shows that the TMA is open to all forms of art no matter how edgy it might be. Now in cities like Charlotte or NY City this would be no big deal. Conservative Roanoke, however, may not be ready for this.

I had planned to cover the event BECAUSE it is edgy! However there are still those who find edgy displays of art offensive. So my plans to cover the event have been nixed – publisher has no stomach for it. Let us see if other media have the “kahones” to cover it.

Yes there will be two drag queens doing a skit. If CNN has no qualms over the many New
Year’s Eve drag queen “Shoe Drops” with queen “Sushi” – what’s wrong with Roanoke? Does this city have their panties in a bunch?

Now I have to tell you my daughter who YES will be in the tattoo fashion show that I cannot cover her because it does NOT set well with conservative Roanoke.

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