Friday, April 29, 2011

Will Sentors Smith and Stanley duke it out in a primary?

With the Senate redistricting plan finalized Thursday night and the governor prepared to sign it Republican Senator Ralph Smith looks to be the odd man out.

Not so fast says a source who adamantly declared that “it is primary time for Smith.”

Speculation was that Smith would not go down without a fight. Some thought he would challenge Democrat John Edwards in the 21st district.

Why the Republicans in the Senate threw Smith off the bridge we may never know. It is probably more of a survival of the fittest. A sigh of relief,  a “phew it’s not me” and a “sorry about that” for Smith.

The Senator who moved to Botetourt to challenge Brandon Bell in a Republican primary looks set to move again. Smith has repeatedly hinted that he is “flexible” and can “move about easily” if he has to.

There was no doubt from the source close to the “simmering showdown” that Smith will challenge Bill Stanley in a primary.

Stanley’s district has spread all over the place. It is unclear if Smith has property anywhere in Stanley’s enlarge 19th district. The reasoning behind Smith’s choice is said to be that his supporters and constituents are now being gobbled up in Stanley’s 19th district.

Will Senator Smith have the last laugh?

Legislators head back to Richmond after Tea Party event – video

Senate Districts - 21st John Edwards and 19th Bill Stanley

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Red Blanket

April 30th, 2011 at 9:13 PM    

Stanley will thump Smith if Smith dares to move into Stanley’s district. Smith cannot say that he is more conservative than Stanley, like he did with Brandon Bell. Bell’s supporters, combined with Stanley’s strong base of support should spell doom for Landslide Ralph. Ralph has no shame, but if he does move into the 19th, his lust for power and utter lack of integrity and common decency will be apparent. Put bumbling Ralph side by side with affable and extremely likable Stanley, and the choice will be soo obvious for us voters. If Ralph was a real man and a true conservative, he wouldn’t run against another good conservative, he would man-up and challenge Edwards. I hope that this spells the end for Landslide Ralph Smith.

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