Sunday, June 24, 2007

Willow Walk – the abandoned development

Just a few blocks from Countryside across from the Catholic Church approaching Peters Creek Road is an abandoned development that was started by Blackstock Inc., on Starkey Road in Roanoke. This is what happens when a developer runs out of money. The City requires a bond from the developer and the City is protected. However, the citizens that have to look at this eyesore from their back yards are out of luck. This eyesore reflects on the entire community being that it is so highly visible from Cove Road.
Is this the example that Roanoke City touts to us at Countryside when they tell us “we can control what goes here”. Remember that Toll Brothers and Joyce Graham were required to submit a Request for Qualifications ( RFQ). A RFQ discloses their financial ability to tackle a large project to avoid exactly what happened at Willow Walk.

Since Toll Brothers dropped the Countryside project Roanoke City decided to loosen the process and give ANYONE a shot at developing Countryside. By not requiring Mike Morgan Engineering, Victor Foti, Triangle Development, and other members of the team to submit an RFQ puts us in jeopardy of having another Willow Walk.

Demand that this development team submit a RFQ. We could be looking at this from our backyards where green fairways and trees now grace the beautiful sunset.

The picture of mounds of red clay looks like the beginning of the colonization of Mars. The picture of the retention pond surrounded by yellow tape is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Beware – there have been sightings of the “Creature from the Black Lagoon”. I could come up with a few names here but I will behave. Picture top left I can only guess is a periscope from a sunken submarine? All I can say is – pray and pray real hard. Click on the pictures to enlarge if you dare.

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