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You missed a hell-of-a city council debate – videos

Bestpitch, Ferris, Trinkle, Cooper, Powell, Walker, Craig and Jay Warren WSLS

In round one and “Part One” video here the dreaded “MAILER” that Democratic candidate Bill Bestpitch sent to Roanoke citizens last week  provoked the three Republican candidates. You could almost hear someone yell out “you lie” as Congressman Joe Wilson did to President Barack Obama during the State of the Union Address.

Bestpitch had quite a spin going while trying to justify the wording on his mailer accusing some (referring to other than Democrats) who would fire teachers, and fire/EMS and police personnel to balance the budget. The three Republicans: Mike Powell, Tony Walker and Col. Bob Craig all denied Bestpitch’s claim profusely.

The “Part Two” video captures the struggle to get candidates on the record for a “Yes or No” answer to the meals tax and funding schools. “Part Three” was an argument over budget cutting.

If you don’t get the flavor of the candidates in these videos then you have “air” between your ears.

Litigator Ray Ferris … well heck all you can say is that he “litigated” the debate. This should make for interesting council meetings should he get elected.

Bestpitch was well the Bestpitch citizens all know and love who served from 2000 to 2004 and was the most aggressive of the three Democrats.

Craig had a few light moments making his point with a “hell no” here and there along with his usual analytics. Walker sure got steamed during the mailer melee. Powell held his own, made his point and showed no outward signs of irritability.

The Roanoke Chapter of the NAACP hosted the Roanoke City Council debate Thursday night at the Claude Moore Building on Henry Street. There were only a handful of actual citizens attending. Others were campaign staff, family and media.

Jay Warren was the moderator. Warren is anchor for WSLS channel 10 but no cameras were there. Booooo! So WSLS had to rely on cell phone video for their 11:00 p.m. news of the event. (Trying to get the citizen journos to work for free there Jay?)

Well here you will find the best video of the entire debate. Yes, it is edited for length but you’ve got the best of the best in these clips.

To sum it up IMO incumbent Democrat Dave Trinkle was the only level headed candidate on the stage. Well as a psychiatrist you’d expect that I guess. He did say he brought his “meds” to city council meetings so we gotta keep the doc!!

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